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Overdraft Privilege Service

 Overdraft consideration exclusively for eligible FWBank checking account customers

 Have you ever...

  • Made a mistake in your checkbook?
  • Had a transaction denied or turned down at checkout?
  • Had the embarrassment and expense of a returned check?
  • Had to "guess" at what transactions a joint owner has made?


Relax... You Deserve Consideration!

Rather than automatically returning unpaid any insufficient items, we will consider, without obligation on our part, payment of your reasonable overdrafts.


Applies to:

*Eligible Account Types

  • Safe Checking
  • Regular Checking
  • Now and Safe Now Checking
  • Business Checking, including Sole Proprietor, Commercial Checking, and Commercial Analysis Checking
*Not all of these accounts are eligible and some restrictions apply to eligible accounts

Overdraft Privilege Can Mean...

  • You may avoid high charges from merchants for returned checks
  • You may avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience of denied purchases and dishonored checks
  • Payment of overdrafts up to $800 ($1,500 on business checking accounts) will normally be considered.  These limits include our customary fees set out in our policy.  Our fees will be added to any outstanding overdrafts you may have and will be applied against your Overdraft Privilege limit.
  • We will charge our normal non-sufficient funds or overdraft charges, as set forth in our fee schedule, for each item that would create an overdraft on your account 

Of course we can't promise to pay every overdraft, not all accounts are eligible, and some restrictions do apply.  See our Overdraft Privilege Policy for further details.







24 x 7 protection for your debit card.

Online or around the world, we have you covered!

Fraudulent activity can occur at anytime, but we have you covered! You may not know it, but you have round-the-clock protection against the increasing occurences of fraud!

Why? ALL FWBank debit cards are protected by FraudWatch® PLUS a FREE service from your local community bank, First Westroads Bank.

  • Standard with any First Westroads Bank debit card
  • No charge for monitoring
  • Helps to stop the occurence of fraud on your account!

FraudWatch® PLUS is a sophisticated system that will learn your spending habits. When a transaction is not consistent with your usual patterns, you will get a call from “Fraud Prevention Services”--Our watchdogs are doing their job preventing potential fraudulent use of your card.

If the transaction is fraudulent, the FraudWatch® PLUS representative will begin the paperwork to dispute the transaction, close the card, and continue to monitor your account, any time of the day or night, weekday or weekend!

If you will be traveling outside your normal geographical spending area contact us first and we will make sure your card is working while you are away.


Contact a FWBank Personal Banker at (402) 330-7200 

FraudWatch® PLUS Customer Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Outside of the USA, Call collect to 1-701-461-0621

Safe Deposit Boxes

Protect Important Documents and Valuable Items

Safe Deposit Boxes are available at our 15750 West Dodge Road location. All boxes are in a secure vault and can be accessed during normal business hours.


Current Rates are as follows:

Box SizePrice per year
3x5 $20.00
5x5 $40.00
3x10 $45.00
5x10 $60.00
10x10 $90.00
16x11 $130.00
16x22 $240.00


For more information, contact a FWBank Personal Banker at (402) 330-7200.

Deluxe Check Reorder

Is it time to reorder checks?

To place a check reorder, please click here.

If you have any questions on your check order, please contact a FWBank Personal Banker at (402) 330-7200.

The Good Life, Longer

Nebraska's Long-Term Care Savings Plan

We're glad you're here. You've taken the first step.

You're here because of your family. The Nebraska Long-Term Care Savings Plan (NLTCSP) is your next step in protecting their quality of life by planning for future medical expenses now. The NLTCSP allows you the freedom to continue living your life, on your terms, knowing that your family will never have to shoulder the financial burden of unexpected health concerns. In addition to assuring your money will be accessible if and when you need it, the plan empowers you to make your own health care decisions.

At First Westroads Bank, you can choose to place your funds into any type of deposit account including a NOW account, money market account, savings account, or certificate of deposit account.

LTCSP Quick Facts

  • Eligible participants: Any Nebraska citizen.
  • How much can be saved: Up to $170,000 per person for the life of the account, adjusted for inflation.
  • Type of account: Any savings or investment vehicle selected by each individual Nebraska financial institutions.
  • Nebraska tax deduction: Annual $1,000 deduction for individual returns, $2,000 deduction for joint returns; earnings used for defined expenses are tax free.
  • Required contributions: All contributions are voluntary.
  • Qualified distributions: Long-term care expenses at any age or long-term care insurance after age 50 for the account holder, spouse or other person in whom the account holder has an insurable interest.
  • Penalty for unqualified withdrawal: 10% of total withdrawal
  • Federal tax benefit: Nothing at this time. Write to your senator!
  • Long-term care reimbursement examples: Licensed nursing or assisted living facility, in-home assistance, basic therapeutic care, health maintenance activities, home health services, qualified home modifications, assistive technology, adult day care, rehabilitation treatments, respite and hospice care.


For more information on the Nebraska's Long-Term Care Savings Plan visit www.thegoodlifelonger.com or contact a FWBank Personal Banker at (402) 330-7200.


All information on this page is current as of 9-23-2011. For the most up to date information please visit www.thegoodlifelonger.com.